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You can quickly register yourself to publish your website with's Free Website Hosting Service by filling out and submitting the form below. Only registered users are allowed to publish websites to Choose a username for yourself (such as your last name or small business name) and make sure this u
sername contains no spaces, and is lowercase only. The shorter you can make it the better for you and your visitors.  Also create a private password of 6 to 8 characters. Together these will be your "key" into publishing your website. This information will be kept in a registration database that is accessible only to the Hostmaster.

After you are successfully registered, the Hostmaster will set-up your web space and email you instructions for publishing your website for the first time.
If you need instructions for publishing your FrontPage based website click here.


Free Registration Submission

Make up a username:
-- you can't use mixed case - lowercase only
Make up a password (6 to 8 chars):
-- keep this private!
Enter password again:
-- for verification
Your real name:


Your e-mail address:
-- not Hotmail or Yahoo (your real ISP)

Hostmaster: Gord "Doc" Routley
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Revised: 04/13/05.

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