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Publishing your website with FrontPage:

  • Open FrontPage and then browse to your disk-based Website and open it.
  • Click on File
  • Click on Publish Web
  • The files from your page will appear in the Publish Web Box.
    • Click Publish.
  • When asked type in your Member Name & your password (ie: 1234567)
    • Also check the small box that says "save password" so you don't have to input it every time you update your site.
  • Go to your URL at  and look at your newly published site.

Editing your website with FrontPage:

  • Open FrontPage
  • Click on Open Web and open your disk-based website.
    • Edit your sites pages as necessary
    • Click on Save on each changed page.
  • Click Publish.
  • Check your site. You will need to hit the refresh button.

Repeat as necessary.

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